The Regional Men's Health Initiative is a responsive organisation. RMH does not organise any events that we attend, however we present at over 150 events a year to raise awareness of men's wellbeing.  RMH does this through supporting grass roots organisations by attending their functions when requested.

This program's primary role is community education on men's holistic wellbeing and health. This is delivered in three ways:

  1. Warrior Education Sessions       (Please refer to "Links" → "Brochures" for our range of education topics)
    Where we talk about blokes physical, mental and social / spiritual wellbeing.

  2. Fast Track Pit Stop
    An interactive wellbeing and health awareness and listening tool that is themed around the servicing of a vehicle including:
    - Waist Measurement - (Chassis)
    - Blood Pressure - (Oil Pressure)
    - Coping Skills - (Shock Absorbers)

  3. Advocacy
    We support positive change concerning men's wellbeing and health by:
    - promoting the motto ... before it all gets too much ... Talk to a Mate!!
    - providing short term resilience and referral pathways
    - providing critical links to professional services
    - continuing to pioneer men's holistic health and wellbeing at every opportunity

The slogan "...before it all gets too much...Talk to a Mate!!" is the basis of all our initiatives.
Mate-ship, empathy and the appropriate use of humour is the key to connectness in our programs and presentations.