The Regional Men's Health Initiative Strategic Alliance

The intent of the RMHI program is to support and enhance existing services by working collaboratively. The aim is to provide opportunities for men to better understand and connect with established health and wellbeing organizations in their local area.

RMHI has established working relationships with a number of agencies in rural and remote WA. For a number of years now RHMI has taken this to the next level by creating a Strategic Alliance that enhances program delivery and improving wellbeing and health outcomes for men.

Strategic Alliance continues with;

Men's Outreach Services Kimberley, 11 Hamersley St, Broome 6725 WA, Ph: (08) 9192 2767

This Strategic Alliance allows for sharing of resources, co-branding of some publications and joint promotion and delivery of programs like "Fast Track Pit Stop". The Strategic Alliance partner will also act as agents for RMHI by promoting the program to local groups with the view to RMHI community education sessions taking place.

By working in this collaborative way each agency retains its unique area of specific focus without duplicating services. It also allows for the sharing of ideas and improved collegiate support and professional development.