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Welcome to the Regional Men's Health Website. The Regional men's health team are all passionate about working with the "warriors" (men) in our society and their partners to improve everyone's ability to deal with all aspects of our health and wellbeing.

I hope you will spend time browsing the website. It will give you a chance to meet the team as well as give you information about what we do and if you wish how to contact us about your issues or concerns.

The website is also one way for you to "help a mate". Part of our philosophy is to encourage mates to help each other out when there may be a few issues in our lives that we are struggling with.

So enjoy the journey, share what you learn and help us by making suggestions. We all learn from each other and sharing experiences is probably the best way to gain relevant information.

Management Committee

Mr Ross Ditchburn - Chairman
Mr Rick Kennedy - Treasurer
Mrs Sally Naughton - Secretary
Mr Chayce Creedy - Committee Member
Mr Stephen Carr - Committee Member
Mr Wayne Barnden - Committee Member
Mr Owen Catto - Executive Officer

RMHI identified that the younger male demographic (the higher risk takers) were not sufficiently represented as users of services and educational activities. RMHI is in its fourth year of sponsoring a ‘Talk to a Mate’ Men’s Wellbeing Round in the WACFL to engage younger men throughout regional Western Australia. This engages 25 country football associations and 160 senior teams across regional WA and exposes the message directly to 5,000 younger men.

An MOU has been signed with WAMSA to foster overall ties delivering education to men’s sheds in regional WA and to have the capacity to deliver warrior education sessions to metropolitan sheds on a ‘fee for service’ basis.

RMHI has an MOU with AMHF, Australia’s peak body on men’s issues and RMHI also played an important advocacy role in that organisation getting federal funding for three years to develop the ‘National Men’s Health Policy’ and to develop position papers on a range of issues affecting men.

WMH Inc. has recently signed a two-year pilot grant agreement to deliver education around suicide for the 2020 State Suicide Strategy. The title of this project is Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness Education for Men in Regional and Remote Farming Communities. This agreement has an option of a 3 year service agreement. This is a valid endorsement of the RMHI product.

RMHI currently sits on a newly formed ‘Men’s Expert Group’ to look at, participate and develop the Think Mental Health Campaign state-wide. The campaign went public on the 28th of November 2017.

RMHI has worked informally with DAFWA on National Drought Program Reform. The objectives of the reform align with the core work that RMHI does in rural & regional WA. These 5 objectives are:
a) Assist farm families and primary producers adapt to and prepare for the impacts of increased climate variability.
b) Encourage farm families and primary producers to adopt self-reliant approaches to manage their business risks.
c) Ensure that farm families in hardship have access to a household support payment that recognizes the special circumstances of farmers.
d) Ensure appropriate social support services are accessible to farm families.
e) Provide a framework for jurisdictions responses to needs during periods of drought.

RMHI now sits on the state based ‘Men’s Health and Wellbeing Reference Group’ representing males living in rural and remote areas. This group represents key aspects of the men’s health sector and will guide the Department on WA specific evidence of relevant issues, alignment with the ‘National Male Health Policy’ and an effective approach to consultation with the sector. This Reference Group will steer the development of a new WA Men’s Health and Wellbeing Policy.

RMHI has an MOU with WAFIC to deliver warrior education sessions to the fishers across all the fisheries in the state at various industry zone meetings.


The Regional Men's Health Initiative Strategic Alliance

The intent of the RMHI program is to support and enhance existing services by working collaboratively. The aim is to provide opportunities for men to better understand and connect with established health and wellbeing organizations in their local area.

RMHI has established working relationships with a number of agencies in rural and remote WA. For a number of years now RHMI has taken this to the next level by creating a Strategic Alliance that enhances program delivery and improving wellbeing and health outcomes for men.

Strategic Alliance continues with;

Men's Outreach Services Kimberley, 11 Hamersley St, Broome 6725 WA, Ph: (08) 9192 2767

This Strategic Alliance allows for sharing of resources, co-branding of some publications and joint promotion and delivery of programs like "Fast Track Pit Stop". The Strategic Alliance partner will also act as agents for RMHI by promoting the program to local groups with the view to RMHI community education sessions taking place.

By working in this collaborative way each agency retains its unique area of specific focus without duplicating services. It also allows for the sharing of ideas and improved collegiate support and professional development.