Most people have unfulfilled dreams or expectations. I think very often our dreams are the basis of our hope for the future as we are often working to fulfil those dreams and turn them into reality.

I recently read an article written in 2009 by Japanese Doctor, Shigeaki Hinohara, which amazed me. Dr Hinohara was 97 years old and still working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.  He wrote about his views on retirement and had some valid theories which may be well worth considering.

As we prepare for seeding it is important to consider looking after our most valuable resource, us! Sometimes we can be so busy preparing machines, ordering fertiliser and chemicals that we forget about ourselves.

We often talk about the dangers of stress in our lives but perhaps we need to remember that it is stress that actually gets us through the day.  What we would be better to talk about is excessive stress or having too many things that are stressful in our lives; this can then lead us to a point of Distress.

We often consider "philanthropy" as the province of the rich and famous and we almost always connect it to generous financial donations to a worthy cause; which is commendable, but is that what philanthropy really is or means?