When we think about mental health our most common thought is to flick straight to illnesses associated with poor mental health. We know about poor mental health conditions which are often talked about, things like depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress.

We need to link exercise to our heart health first and then the other factors associated with exercise will fall into place, which may include weight loss, change in our metabolism, feeling energised and in control of who we are.

Arguments often start because we don't, or can't see another person's point of view.  We always tend to see things our way so when someone doesn't have the same idea on solving a problem sparks can fly!

Although harvest is still some time away we are now coming to the time of year that is often the most critical in getting prepared for harvest. We know with our machines the better we service and prepare them the more likely it is we will have a trouble free harvest.

I am often confronted with the "new technology" that is supposedly the replacement for what dinosaurs like me have relied on all our lives to connect with other humans, face to face listening and talking.