Quite often we get told to get ourselves off to the doctor and he will deal with our health and/or wellbeing issue? How wrong! The doctor will often give a diagnosis, treatment, options and/or assistance, but it is us as individuals that has to ultimately make decisions which then drives the outcome.

As blokes we get told all the time, "Men just don't talk!"

One of the things that never cease to amaze me in the job we do, is that given the right circumstances blokes will disclose their issues and tell their story. Every bloke that I have met has a story and/or issues and wants to talk about it.

Now that the Easter and ANZAC break has come and gone, we are now entering one of the extremely busy times of the year with seeding knocking at the door.

One of the most important things to consider looking after, during this time, is our most valuable resource, "US"!

The Regional Men's Health Initiative has formed a partnership with the West Australian Country Football League (WACFL) to sponsor a round of football.

This partnership brings us into contact with 25 football associations and 128 different football teams. This will help deliver our key message to a younger demographic of men throughout regional WA. The "Talk to a Mate" Men's Wellbeing Round will be on the 28th & 29th June 2014.

The Aglime of Australia Mates 500 Relay is a 1500 kilometre 11 day running event from Mukinbudin in the Wheatbelt to Manjimup in the Great Southern and will take place on Monday the 24th March 2014.

A team of 6 runners per day will run 1 km per person in relay fashion over the 11 days, with each runner averaging approximately 26 kilometres every day.