Being a MALE is a matter of birth, being a MAN is a matter of age, but being a positive and active MENTOR is a matter of choice - “He didn’t tell me, He showed me”

"You can't have one without the other"

Google the word "mental health" and you will find numerous organisations and groups promoting the importance of mental health, however we think understanding the difference between "mental health and wellbeing" and "mental illness" is important.

On the back of the Regional Men's Health Initiative delivering a paper to the National Suicide Prevention Conference in Perth last month, we thought it was appropriate to talk about suicide from a primary carer's point of view.

As a community we have to be able to talk openly and frankly about suicide, because without using the word suicide we can't talk about it and make a difference.

 One of the main issues that confront families and relationships is trying to achieve a balance between work and home life. The word "balance" tends to indicate a 50/50 arrangement however that's a big ask today. It's more appropriate to talk about "work and home integration" to ensure we don't get too out of balance.

Quite often we get told to get ourselves off to the doctor and he will deal with our health and/or wellbeing issue? How wrong! The doctor will often give a diagnosis, treatment, options and/or assistance, but it is us as individuals that has to ultimately make decisions which then drives the outcome.