The Regional Men’s Health Initiative partnership with the West Australian Country Football League (WACFL) to sponsor a round of football enters its second year. This partnership brings us into contact with 25 football associations and 150 senior country football leagues and helps deliver our key message to a younger demographic of men (predominately aged 16-40) throughout regional WA.  The “Talk to a Mate” Men’s Wellbeing Round will be held over the weekend of 13th and 14th June 2015.  


Why is this Important?
It is important for us to talk about issues in our life and/or tell our story so we understand that we are not alone and that it is safe to chat.  As blokes we quite often isolate ourselves and don’t talk to anyone about our stuff.  One of the problems we have is we don’t identify who our true mates are in the good times, this can then lead to isolation and loneliness in bad times.

Who are our Mates?
We say as blokes we have three broad categories of mates who we can talk to about our personal stuff. These usually come under the categories of a mentor, a partner or a peer.  These mates are more often than not different from the associates and mates that we play sport with and/or socialise with.  How many blokes do you know that have no one to talk to?

What is the benefit of talking to a Mate?
It’s about sharing our story and realising the value of just talking and in appreciating that there are other men out there experiencing similar things (we are not alone).  I have never met a bloke yet that hasn’t wanted to tell his story (no matter what the issue) and sometimes we just need the right environment.

Men are hardwired to be “problem solvers” and we like to work alone. We often have an attitude that if we disclose we have a few problems someone will exploit our problem or weakness.

It is well known that problems shared are often problems halved.  Helping men to overcome isolation (by disclosing issues) helps build resilience and can therefore lower the chances of us becoming completely overwhelmed when difficulties and disappointments head our way.

As men we need to encourage help seeking behaviour and be prepared to be the one to “Talk to a Mate” when we know he is down or experiencing difficulties.  It isn’t rocket science and it does work.

“Talk to a Mate” Men’s Wellbeing Round will be over the weekend 13th and 14th June 2015.

Get down and support your local football team, become involved and remember …before it all gets too much …Talk to a Mate!!

Owen and the Team

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