Coming off the back of some good rain across the State there is definitely some positivity and no doubt plenty of action beginning to happen in the paddocks, but before we can take action on something we have to make a decision first.


We make decisions every single day, sometimes without even knowing it, these are often the easy and simple decisions that are part of our routine of daily life. Decisions that are of a more complex nature, involve more risk, or a decision that has to be made under challenging circumstances or pressure can certainly cause us and those around us a bit of stress … this is normal!

Being in a position to be able to make a decision is a good thing!

For many people making decisions may not be an issue, I’m sure we have all met someone who seems confident, sure of themselves and likes to be in control and take charge of situations and the decisions that go with it.  While others of us may be a little more indecisive, seek others advice or approval first, or maybe just need a little more time to think about things. Regardless of which end of the scale we are at, it is a positive to be in a position to be able to make decisions, as this means at least two things; 1. We are in a position to have a say and make a choice; 2. We are not procrastinating.

So for those of us who sometimes struggle with our decision making process why is this so? What factors can impact on our decision making?  

There are a number of things at play that can influence decision making. Listed below are a few examples, which are not limited to nor conclusive that all these things will impact on your decision making, rather some things to consider.

  • Uncertainty: No matter who we are or what we do, none of us know which way the dice will roll. None of us want to make the wrong decision, but sometimes this cannot be avoided.
  • Complexity: This can depend on the nature of our business or situation, e.g. Farming involves so many different interrelated factors that quite often need to be considered (financial, weather, equipment, labour, cost/price).
  • Consequences: Something we have all tasted at one stage or another both good and bad. We still need to consider what are the consequences - Risk Vs Reward.
  • Alternatives: Have we considered them? Where do we get our information from that may inform us of all available options?
  • Interpersonal issues: Who else is affected by our decisions, how will others react? What frame of mind are we in when making decisions? What else do we have going on in our lives, what’s our priorities?

What can we do to help this process?

  • Try and create a positive space.
  • PPPPPP – Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
  • Be realistic – look at the factors impacting on our particular circumstances.
  • The grass is not always greener. Don’t be influenced by what others are doing.
  • Stick to your plan/process that you are comfortable with.

“Stay committed to your decisions but stay flexible to your approach”.


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