What is wellbeing?  It is often described as a state of being content, healthy, secure, safe, and happy. We all aspire to have the ducks lined up so that good wellbeing falls into place. This usually requires planning, making decisions and then some luck.

A new year has many different connotations for all of us, the list is never ending.  How these affect our wellbeing going forward and what it means for us will be the test for 2015.

Some areas of our life we may choose to look at are:

  • Setting new goals
  • Finishing stuff - perhaps in the shed, or the long standing house renovations.
  • Lifestyle changes – it’s exercise for me!
  • Bucket list – doing at least one thing every year on the list.
  • Growing older - for all of us
  • Changing jobs
  • Finishing work – transition/retirement
  • Families/relationships – working on them
  • Business – enjoying the journey.

We all know our wellbeing and mental health varies over time and is impacted on by a range of factors, which includes quality of family and social supports, financial status, work, external environments and other individual factors.  Sometimes we refer to these issues as the social determinates of our health and wellbeing.
In our thinking this makes the responsibility for wellbeing issues a shared one – for individuals, community, government and industry.  It is about primary care.  An example of this is our children’s education that is it takes a joint effort to successfully raise a child, encompassing the family, school and community.

As a collective (through our actions) if we can empower people to put up their hand and ask for assistance we will have ultimately played our part in improving the wellbeing of ourselves and our community.

A quote that I saw when I attended a long standing family friend’s funeral last year, epitomised a great philosophy to life and our wellbeing”-
…live your life well, do no harm, help where able, always try to find common ground, and enjoy every single day…

From the team at Regional Men’s Health all the best and enjoy 2015.


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