December is a good time to reflect on the past year and to start planning for 2015.  After a busy period, like harvest or simply as an “annual weighing” up before Christmas, conducting a review with ourselves and/or our team is good for our wellbeing.  We need to acknowledge, value and reward ourselves individually and our team’s work efforts. 


As an owner/operator of a small business or as someone who is part of a team we all expect “A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work”.  It is essential we apply this principle to both ourselves and our team.  There is a role both for the employer and employee in this deliberation.  Employee issues like work attendance, morale, performance and productivity are both affected by how we communicate with our team and how we value their efforts.  This reward for effort review process can have a positive effect on our own wellbeing as an employer and that of our team.

Quite often in the workplace there is that expectation that in the busy times (we all have them) we put extra time in.  We need then to be able to jump off the treadmill and at some point balance up and take time off.  One of the positives of the good FIFO rosters is that this is factored in in the roster planning.  On the other hand there are many other workplaces and owner operated businesses that don’t factor this in.  Commitment, work ethic, and motivation and a whole lot of other wellbeing factors help define us as individuals and assists us to achieve getting the right life work balance.

Planning for Reward for Effort can come in many ways.  Some examples of these are:

  • Recognition/acknowledgement – positive affirmation, specific praise;
  • Team time (socialising, professional development etc.);
  • Extra holidays – Time off in lieu;
  • Other Bonus (can be anything);
  • Increase in salary.

Isolation is often the enemy of sound mental wellbeing.  Many of us working in regional WA quite often work in isolation and/or isolated environments.  It is really important to have strategies that counter balances this issue and we need to ensure we address them in the reward for effort review.  Informal and spontaneous interaction is one important tool that can help counteract isolation.

Our individual and our team’s wellbeing is important, act on it!

  • Do our own and our team review of reward for effort annually – it is good for everyone’s wellbeing.
  • Value ourselves and our team’s efforts for the year.  Extremely important in owner operated small business.
  • Even in tough times don’t put off this review.

An annual review is a great way to address issues, create a plan for the new year, wind down, and get the holiday season off and running on a positive note.  On behalf of the RMHI team I would like to wish all our readers all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

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