Being a MALE is a matter of birth, being a MAN is a matter of age, but being a positive and active MENTOR is a matter of choice - “He didn’t tell me, He showed me”

Wisdom by definition can only be obtained through ageing and the experiences we have in life’s journey.  To me this means we can have a mature young man but not a wise one!

I think this interpretation is important because it substantiates the vital role a positive and active mentor can play for you no matter what your age.

Who are our mentors?  They can come from a pool of people, but are predominantly sourced from the following areas:

  • someone older;
  • for a bloke - Dads are our first choice (92%).  This is interesting because society’s demographics are changing.  Some latest research tells us that in 1960 10% of kids were living away from their dads whereas by 2010 this had grown to 27% of kids living away from their dads.  This is a significant shift and one that puts additional pressure on the vital role of mentoring;
  • Can be father figures, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, (mothers), teachers, and/or footy coaches;
  • Sometimes it is someone who is not in your field of work or play.

When we are deciding what to do in life (whether it is day to day stuff or longer term stuff) talking to a mentor can help us with our decision making. This is really important both in our personal life and our work/business journey. 

A positive and active mentor:

  • listens to what you’re saying;
  • asks questions?
  • has opinions which you respect but acknowledges that you don’t have to act on them or agree with them;
  • gives wisdom and perspective;
  • acts as a sounding board and confidant.

Mentoring works and understanding how is essential.  With major decisions, talking through issues with a mentor is beneficial.  Young blokes, in particular, need to tell their stories to mentors.  It is by this process that they can validate and/or question where they are at in life.  It helps to clarify issues and this then cultivates independent thinking.
There is never a time in a man’s life that a man doesn’t benefit from having a positive and active mentor.
Mentoring is about developing relationships, it does take time and sacrifice but it’s a two way street and everyone benefits from the role.

In the work we do, we say that we have 3 mates that we can spill our guts to. These usually come from three categories:-

  • a peer;
  • a partner; and/or
  • a mentor.

As blokes we need to identify who these people are.  Ask yourself the question “who is my mentor?”  

Mentoring is rewarding and being a positive and active mentor is our choice.


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