Quite often we get told to get ourselves off to the doctor and he will deal with our health and/or wellbeing issue? How wrong! The doctor will often give a diagnosis, treatment, options and/or assistance, but it is us as individuals that has to ultimately make decisions which then drives the outcome.

Some American research has been conducted highlighting that our medical system quite often only repairs damage caused by poor lifestyle choices impacting on our health.  It points out that:-

  • 70% of our health status is about lifestyle;
  • 10% is genetic;
  • 10% is environmental; and
  • 10% is the health system.

Undoubtedly the major impact is lifestyle choices. This substantiates the message that "it is our health".

On all three health and wellbeing fronts (physical, mental and social/spiritual) the individual is the driver.  Whether it be situational distress, a cancer diagnosis, a diagnosed mental health issue, a social/spiritual wellbeing issue (surrounding our identity, individuality or sense of belonging), the doctor will only provide the framework to follow (from diagnosis to treatment options) but decisions and changes ultimately need to be made by us.

All of our life we have to make informed decisions on a variety of issues to do with our family, work and social activities, why then should our health and wellbeing be any different?  Blokes in general are decision makers, that is how we are hardwired.  The warrior attitude is an admirable attribute especially when dealing with sporting and business challenges.  However, this same attitude can cause us to neglect/postpone important aspects and not correctly prioritise decisions around our health and wellbeing.

Some familiar comments we often hear from blokes when discussing health and wellbeing issues are:

  • it won't happen to me;
  • we know the issues, but we don't want to show ourselves as the "only one" with  a problem;
  • I will just see how that pain in my back goes (for 6 years!)

Resilience seems to be the buzz word at the minute, but in how we deal with our health does come down to our resilience and ability to cope with the unexpected.  I heard it summarized like this, "life is tough, but we can cope".

The buck stops with us "as blokes" to be the decision maker on our health and wellbeing, it is our health not the doctor's, wife's or mate's, but ours. Remember make wise lifestyle choices, make an appointment for a regular service visit to the doctor (when you're not sick) and enjoy each day as a gift.

Remember - our health and wellbeing is our responsibility!

Owen and the Team RMHI

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