At the beginning of a new year and while we are perhaps having a holiday or looking forward to one, now is a good opportunity to reflect on the past year and look at all the things (good, bad and perhaps ugly) that may have happened to us.

There are three areas in our life that we have regular input into and so we can use these areas to reflect on the year that was. These are:

  • Family Life (the most important and a good starting point);
  • The Workplace; and
  • The Community Group (this comes in many different forms, it may be the sports club, theatre group, church, school council, P&C, men's shed, rotary, lions, chamber of commerce etc.)

We Should always work on the context of firstly looking after ourselves, thus making sure we are in a good place to then look out for our mates.

When looking at these three areas of our life it is important to consider benchmarks that may have set, and achievements and/or failures that we have had along the way.

Our Family Life - have we fulfilled our personal goals for the year?

  • Have we had some me time? (for blokes this is cave time, for ladies it is quite often simply shopping or getting their hair done)
  • Did we have that family holiday?
  • How's that bucket list going?
  • Are we maintaining our passions and interests?

The Workplace

  • Business and Financial Review - budgets how did we go?
  • Increasing job satisfaction
  • Looking out for our work mates

The Community Group

  • Volunteering, playing sport
  • Are we involved?
  • Are we continuing to learn new things?
  • Are we a positive and helpful participant?

We sometimes take things for granted so we need to make sure we relish and appreciate our achievements, a lot happens in a year.

The benefits of reflecting on the past year are profound for our wellbeing. Some of these benefits are summarized below:

- We realize the enormous amount of things achieved (big or small) across the three areas in our life and that it is important to "feel good" about it.

- Reflecting also allows us to take a break from being in the thick of things (a real break) and reset our goals and priorities in an orderly and informed manner. This will get our energy levels going again in 2014.

Enjoy your break and holiday you deserve it.

All the best for 2014 from the team at Regional Men's Health.