We often talk about the dangers of stress in our lives but perhaps we need to remember that it is stress that actually gets us through the day.  What we would be better to talk about is excessive stress or having too many things that are stressful in our lives; this can then lead us to a point of Distress.

Most people will experience "Distress" from time to time and it is important to recognize how we react to these situations.  Very often we unwittingly cause significant damage to those closest to us because of our behavior when in "Distress."

Some common reactions to "Distress" are temper outbursts, lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption, feeling alone and isolated and a strong sense that no one cares.  Our reactions to "Distress" attribute to people avoiding us and so the sense of loneliness escalates. The unfortunate consequence is that if we are suffering from "Distress" it is probably the most important time when we need family and friends for support.

It is often said that "a problem shared is a problem halved" have you ever considered why that may work? Talking about the problem can create a word picture and may create additional ideas, provide clarification and help gather perspective to come to a resolution.

At this time of year, with budgets and bank reviews occurring, keep in mind the importance of clear thinking.  Don't let personal reactions to "Distress" push friends and family away.  We need to know our particular reactions to distress and guard against the negatives they may create.  We also need to be patient with the people who care about us, even if they don't understand our problems specifically, talking it over will help put things in perspective and may create solutions.

Remember our slogan "before it all gets too much" TALK TO A MATE and know who your mates are!

Have a good day.

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