This year at Regional Men's Health we are focusing attention on broadening public knowledge about the male prostate gland. Andrology Australia and the Prostate Cancer Foundation have done a good job of drawing attention to the issue of cancer in this part of a man's anatomy; however, there still remains a lot of misunderstanding and even ignorance about this part of a man.

Although Prostate cancer is a big issue, killing more men than the number of women dying from breast cancer, it is not the major problem this gland creates. Most of us know that some older men have trouble emptying their bladder. Sometimes this means getting up often during the night and not able to do anything when they do, which is a nuisance and embarrassing.

Many men are unaware this problem is often caused by their prostate gland. This little gland is shaped like a donut and the tube we pee through goes through the centre. The problem is that as a part of the aging process the prostate keeps growing, just like our ears and nose, and as the prostate enlarges it inhibits our ability to urinate.

Throughout Australia hundreds of thousands of men suffer from this condition and as men we need to act on this if it is affecting us.  We need to find out if it is just part of the natural process of ageing and not something more serious such as a blockage which can cause repeated urinary tract infections or result in bladder or kidney problems or it could be cancer. Unfortunately the symptoms of several conditions are similar.

If you are troubled by urination problems, you should see a doctor no matter what your age. If your doctor agrees that your symptoms need further evaluation and treatment, you may need to undergo a few tests.

Some of these conditions are a direct result of living longer but dealing with them can make the extra years far more enjoyable. We also know that eating 150 grams of nuts a week (30 grams a day) and incorporating natural red foods such as beetroot, tomato and watermelon into our diet helps keep our Prostate, and the rest of our body, in good condition.

While thinking about this ask yourself if you know why you have a Prostate gland. Most men don't know that it is an important part of our reproductive system, so I reckon that's worth preserving as long as we can, don't you?

Have a good day and have another nut or two.

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