The month of November held a significant awareness campaign for blokes. Blokes gave it their best shot at growing a “mo” for Movember and the theme this year was “Stop men dying too young.”

Three main areas of focus and awareness of the Movember campaign are:

  1. Prostate Cancer – kills approximately 3000 Aussie men each year. In addition to this 2.4 million men are living with a prostate problem, the most common BPH (prostate enlargement).
  2. Testicular Cancer – The second most common cancer for men between the ages 18 – 39, but with an almost 95% cure rate if picked up early, our message of “check ya balls, and get to your doctor if you notice a change” is a simple one.
  3. Mental Health and Suicide Prevention – A very complex area, but our key messages are talking about, addressing and dealing with difficult and/or distressing times in our life (situational distress). Seeking help early and getting the right help pertaining to our situation makes a big difference.

So what about you? What are the other issues that are important for blokes in Regional WA, especially at this time of the year?

In all the work we do our key message is looking after yourself first and foremost. No matter if we are a farmer, contractor, working in agribusiness, or a community member we can sometimes forget the little things, the basics, during these busy times leading up to Christmas.

Understandably at this time of the year people go hard and work long hours. Even during harvest no one can work 24/7. Here are a few simple tips:

  • Fatigue is one of biggest causes of accidents/injuries/deaths (know your limits). Sleep are we getting enough (we need 8 hours)? Limit nicotine, caffeine, alcohol and big heavy meals late at night. Give yourself a chance to relax before bed (avoid bright screens electronic devises).

  • Fuelling your body – breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. Eat a good source of fibre ie whole grains, tomatoes, and fruits such as apples, berries, citrus fruits and pears. Fibre stays in the stomach longer than other foods = feeling full for longer, slow release = more sustained energy.

  • Balanced diet is important - eat red meat, chicken and fish with some greens. Your snacks can be healthy like apples, bananas, fruit/nut mix and remember to stay hydrated - drink lots of water!

  • Road Safety. Whether visiting from the city or just not used to country roads, remember truckies are trying to make a living, we know roads are a public space but respect goes both ways. Extra trucks are going to be in and out of receival points, farm gates and at crossroads. Give appropriate space and don’t push your overtaking, be patient.

On behalf of the RMHI team please take care finishing your harvest, stay safe on the roads and don’t forget the importance of having a good break over the holiday period. It is important to recognise and reward your efforts and achievements. 


Terry and the Team

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