Sometimes even when we do everything possible to get it right the ball still bounces the wrong way. When this happens it is a natural reaction to ask ourselves “what did I miss” which often leads us to blame ourselves for something that was beyond our control. These challenges can include any form of personal crisis such as relationship, financial, family, neighbour and weather issues. They can affect any of us any time, the ball can bounce the wrong way!

With the latest challenges of frost facing farmers, it is easy to start blaming ourselves for the increasing number of challenges needing to be dealt with, when the reality is most people made good choices based on the knowledge had at the time.

As human beings when we become aware that we are facing new, serious and unexpected challenges our response is to either ignore them, hoping they are an apparition, or we go to the other extreme and visualize the worst possible outcomes.

While both these positions are legitimate, depending on your personality type, the reality of the situation and the solution to the challenge is somewhere in between.

I believe there are several things that can be done to help us deal with the difficulties we are facing right now (in particular frosts for the farmers) in a positive way to protect our wellbeing. However these points can be used for any contextual issue we may be facing in our lives.

  • Keep a positive personal attitude. Recognize your ability as a good farmer (or in another context a good bloke) who made the right decisions but the ball has bounced the wrong way.
  • Talk to whoever needs to be informed about your situation. This includes family, financiers, advisors and legal positions (especially in relationships and child custody).
  • Look for realistic solutions not someone to blame. These problems have caught most people off guard and unprepared.
  • Don’t panic or over-react. Most challenges take a little time to unfold and hasty decisions can create additional problems.
  • Start to consider your options. As you consider your alternatives keep those affected in the loop.
  • Consider this as a challenge more than a problem. When things are problems we usually think negatively when they are challenges we think positively.

In life we have many experiences that require us to use our best judgment, based on the knowledge we have, to ascertain the best way forward. If we are well informed it is easier to respond when the ball bounces the wrong way. This is always helped by increasing communication by both talking and listening with all concerned in the challenges facing us. Down the track with the benefit of hindsight we are able to test the wisdom or our responses.

It has been said before but it is worth repeating “success has its greatest impact on our ego, challenges are the things that strengthen our characters”.


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