Raising awareness of men’s wellbeing

Featured Video iconThe Regional Men's Health Initiative is comprised of a team of people who are passionate about raising awareness of men's health in regional communities. It is important to identify that The Regional Men's Health Initiative is not a health organisation. Rather, we act as a bridge of support and education to regional men, communities and health services.

The Regional Men's Health Initiative encompasses the whole of rural and regional Western Australia where we spread our motto of 'before it all gets too much' talk to a mate!!!

We encourage men to talk about issues in their lives and identify their true mates and the people they can confide in when times get tough. As blokes we only have three main categories of people we can talk to. These categories are; a mentor, a partner, and a mate. It's important to identify that all of these categories may not be available to us at different times in our life, so take the time to stay in touch and talk to a mate.